TIXEL - Class 1

                 Tixel(Fraxel) is a new titanium thermal energy skin repair system from Germany, which precisely controls the contact time and depth, and achieves "ultra-micro exfoliation" without burning. 
                 Tixel treatment is idail for those seeking smoother, more radiant and revitalised looking skin, but who are worried about downtime. The added benefit is that it continues to deliver results that improve over time and can last for several years (as it is your own collagen that produces the effects). Patients can be from 18 to 85 years to beyond.   
                   How many treatments you need depends on the treatment mode and the individual.  Some people start to see results after just one treatment, however, for best results, the recommended treatment is a course of 3-6 sessions spaced ideally 4-6 weeks apart, with a treatment every 6 or 12 months thereafter. 
                   Tixel can be helpful in treating acne, rosacea, melasma, and more.  Ideal for all skin types.

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